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World-wide FREE shipping

50-100 boxes per each round


  • ✓ Pastel & Neutral Colors
  • ✓ Brush & Broad nibs  
  • (Version2) Broad nibs which are stronger than version 1
  • (Version2) Brush nibs are stronger and finer so it can color all the small details
  • ✓ 24 essential chosen colors for characters coloring
  • Pastel & Neutral colors are easy to use
  • ✓ No stink smell
  • Portable box
  • Free 3 brush and broad nibs (worth $5)


⚠️🚨 Cautions [MUST READ]

  • When you use the markers for the first couple of times and they are dry, please shake them well or stand them vertically before use. This will help distributing the ink.
  • When you open the lid for the first couples of times, be careful as the ink may split out
  • ⚠️ 2020 lot of markers have some defects at the brush nib tips because of the new mass production machine🥺🙏 Although some of the brush nibs can still be used like normal, we want to compensate by providing extra 24 full new brush nibs for every set. (worth $20) If you have any problems regarding this, pls feel free to contact use via [email protected]
  • ✓ About quality control and compensations please read more details here


🚨⚠️ International Shipping  *IMPORTANT*

  • ✓ Processing times vary by country but it should be between 1-4 weeks
  • ✓ Orders addressed to the US, Brazil, Argentina, Russia and Europe may take extended delivery times due to shipping logistics from Thailand
  • ✓ Please read more details here


Conditions | เงื่อนไข 

  • ✓ Limit the purchase to 2 boxes per person only as the stock is quite limited 🥺

[SET1] Butter Everyday Alcohol Markers

1,320.00 บาท

Additional information

Weight 620 g
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 17 cm

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