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Easy! Just watch this summary video! 🙂

Takes 2:59 mins with time-stamp! But if you want full details about this NFT project, feel free to scroll down ⬇️

All NFTs & Collection

1) Shine Girl: STYLE

Foundation Link

Her Story

  • She used to be unconfident about her style.
    But once she steps out of her comfort zone, she shines!

    “Don’t be shy, better love your style”


  • As a gratitude for my supportive communities, Better, I ask them to choose the color of November’s clothes!

2) Shine Girl: MONEY 🎉 🆂🅾🅻🅳🎉

Foundation Link

Her Story

  • She used to be shy about wanting to make more money.

    But once she gets rid of her fear, she shines!

     “Don’t be shy, you can make it rain, and shine!”

#3 Magical Moments: GM & Fairies

Foundation Link

Her Story

  • The first rays of sunlight.
    The gentle touch of cold breeze.
    The smell of freshly ground coffee.
    The buttery taste of crispy croissants.

    “Magic is everywhere. Sometimes you only need to look for it, sometimes it just finds you.”

#4 Magical Moments: WAGMI & Witches

Foundation Link

Her Story

  • Someone said it’s going to be hard, but we follow our dreams anyway.

    Sometimes we cry, but we get back up and come back stronger.

    Someday we know, we are all gonna make it… in our own ways.

    “The moment we believe in ourselves is magic” 

  • This piece is super “𝖘𝖕𝖊𝖈𝖎𝖆𝖑.” 
  • Since my YouTube community and I love to support small artists, we therefore commissioned FROST (@1__0RST3R on twitter) to partially color this piece. We therefore have such amazing coloring mood and a stunning background.
  • We hope that once this piece is sold, it can be one of the examples of why people should hire artists. Ultimately, I wish ‘WAGMI’ will become a reality to everyone 🙂


Collector's Benefits

Update: 20/3/22
💓 All entries!
  • Alongside me, I would like to introduce you, “Better” community! 
  • This community name is suggested by one of our members.
  • She/he came up with this name because it’s similar to ‘butter‘ (which is the meaning of Noey in Thai hahah) 
  • And it’s because we treasures “being better than ourselves everyday”
  • To sum us up in 3 words, it would be… kindness, positivity, and have FUN!
  • No need to buy NFT or sign up for our club 😛 If you like the vibe, just chit-chat with us on our youtube community tab CTclockwises  or DM to talk with me via twitter @ctclockwises 🙂
❤️‍🔥 Adopting 1 Girl

1. High quality file & Video Progress

  • Size 3207 x 4000 px
  • 300 DPI
  • MP4 video process + Procreate File + Speedpaint + JPEG of each frame for further usages
  • Feel free to request the file via email [email protected]
  • … or DM me via twitter @ctclockwises 🙂

2. Art online course / Private Online Strategy Consulting (Worth > $200)

  • Click to see an example episode of one of my art courses 
  • You can choose 1 art online course from my website
    • Alcohol Marker, Draw Anime Face, Draw Anime Body, Clothes Course will have english subtitle 
    • The rest will not have English subtitles, however, you can definitely follow along in the course without the subtitle.
  • Or 30 minutes private online strategy coaching call with me on how to grow your audiences/ build online business
  • if you have any question, feel free to ask me via twitter @ctclockwises 🙂

3. Your name on the title of Youtube video! (Optional)

  • Video about your character can be posted on my Youtube Channel (190K+ followers) with your name on the title of the video + can promote your social media in the description

  • The video might be in long form (>4 mins) to help educating people about NFT (The topic will be based on CTclockwises)

  • …or in short form (30 second) to preserve exclusivity to the collector

  • The credit will be changed if the owner is transferred, please contact me via email if the new collector would like this benefit 🙂

*** the picture is a rough sample

4. License / Personal/ Commercial Usage

    • Our shine girls can be used for personal/ commercial purpose
    • For example, you can dress her up the way you want, create a fanart, a comic about her and sell them… or just take care of her as you are her new parent!
    • However, i there is a new adopter (2nd hand sell), the previous collector must clearly clarify every detail about previous commercial usage to the next parent (collector) 
❤️‍🔥 Adopting >3 Girls

5. Marketing online course (Worth > $1000)

  • (For Thais) 1 Marketing course on how to grow your audiences on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram,Youtube (This will be in Thai)
  • (For internationals) 3 hours private online strategy coaching call with me on how to grow your audiences/ build online business 
  • if you have any question, feel free to ask me via twitter @ctclockwises 🙂

6. Butter Everyday Alcohol Markers (Worth $49)

7. Add on benefits!

  • Receive all the previous benefits and…

  • you can receive 1 more online course per 2 girls (worth $200 per course)

  • and more youtube video per each girl! 🙂

8. Add on + Special customised request!

  • Receive all the previous benefits and…

  • you can receive 1 more online course per 2 girls (worth $200 per course)

  • and more youtube video per each girl
  • and you can request special customised small character on Opensea for profile picture or..
  • suggest the artist about what you would like 🙂

Who's the artist? Why did she start NFT journey?

Hi, Love!

  • I’m Noey (or CT), nice to meet you!
  • I have been doing freelance artist since 2012 and I’m now a full time artist youtuber under the name “CTclockwises”
  • To start off, I aim for a long-run NFT project as I appreciate all the support and it’s a part of my life exciting mission 🙂
  • So you can be relaxed and enjoy the story xD

  • My starting point was just like others, I love to draw since I could remember. Most of my work is inspired by shoujo, josei manga/ manhwa.
  • Back in 2012 I did freelance for fun, but then comes the real turning point. Before I graduated from my Economics degree in university, I knew my grade was so bad that I would not be accepted by any firm 🥲
  • So I decided to try pursuing my childhood dream.. becoming a full-time artist.
  • Then, the channel was born! (Now with lovely 194K followers!)

  • Although it was not a smooth journey and I almost quitted once, I got so much support from my community. This has helped me to keep pushing.
  • As a result, within 3 years, I have created 3 product lines, ~7 online courses, and finally establish my company.

  • I truly appreciate all my fortune and am eager to always give back whenever I can on the channel. An example is in this video that I try to teach people on how to buy NFT!  
  • I know that many creators (including I) tend to put too much pressure on ourselves
  • So my team’s main mission is  to… spread kindness & opportunities for creators so that they can have good life, mentally and financially 🙂

  • This NFT project is of-course a part of this mission!
  • If there are lots of supporters, we can use our experiences to teach more people about NFT
  • Also, the meaning behind “Don’t be shy to shine” is to encourage any creator who is unconfident, to never be afraid to try. My team believe that everyone has their own hidden gem. The more you try, the more you will shine 🙂

So! If you love our art or just believe in the same mission, I would like to warmly welcome you to the family 🙂


Further questions?