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Anime Coloring Course | Alcohol Markers

Anime Coloring Course | Alcohol Markers

In this course, I will be checking your homework via our platform in facebook. 

What you will achieve after the course

– Can apply the techniques to every brands of alcohol markers

Save your time in learning by yourself

– Get to do real practice via homework and I will be checking your work by myself. You can also send me other work that is not related to the course to comment too. The work will be sent via the platform indicated in our closed facebook group. This will be explained further will you be part of the course :)

Reviews from my past students

I do like how you put in so many details on each step! I was nervous at first when I saw the homework xD but you did make it sound easy! – マーク ジョーンズ

It’s really nice how you demonstrated everything you explained and used an easy-to-look-at table for the important lines! Another thing I like a lot about this video is showing your old drawings as examples for mistakes and giving us a checklist. – Luu Pandanerd

Who should learn this course? 

– Beginners with no experiences at all

– Intermediates who want to know more alcohol markers tricks

– People who do-not have much time for a long course and want to learn a concise course to practise right away


💞30 days satisfaction guarantee after getting the course, otherwise please specify and you will receive 100% refund


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the difference between this course and lessons in your youtube channel?

A: This course is more focused on strong foundations so that you can apply and adjust the techniques in your style. I also provide some organised step by step formula for you to try,adjust, save time, and get better result fast. You can also ask me questions personally about your drawings when you apply to this course as well :) [Non-HW students can also ask me questions to some extent]

Q: What if I don’t like the course?

A: You have 30 days satisfaction guarantee! :) If you are not satisfied with the course after practising to some extent, feel free to specify your reasons and email me at [email protected] within 30 days after receiving the course. I will 100% refund your money.

You can ask me further questions via