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EP21-2: Color Demonstration

▶︎ 5 Steps Coloring Formula

❶ Color Real Neutral Colors (ie. WHITE, GRAY, BLACK, BROWN, CREAM)

❷ Choose the light’s direction + Color natural color 

❸ Choose your favorite color from color wheel + Find its pair (color harmony)

❹ Use ‘More Neutral, Less Vivid’ Rules

❺ Your own GIMMICK! eg. color surrounding light on character’s body, use white gel pen etc.


▶︎ Content

﹅ 0:09 Step1 & Skin Coloring

﹅ 1:29 Step2

﹅ 1:57 Step1,2 & Hair Coloring

﹅ 3:21 Step1,2 & Eyes Coloring

﹅ 4:31 Step3

﹅ 5:40 Step4

﹅ 6:55 Step4&How to darken the color

﹅ 8:34 Step5

﹅ 9:47 BONUS: How to choose the color of the background


▶︎Vivid Girl

﹅ Color in color wheel

﹅ Color with high saturation (low mixture of gray)


▶︎Neutral Girl

﹅ Light color (add white)