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Discount Code
Alcohol Markers eg. COPIC
Online Course


*** NO Homework Option: $18.40 OFF


*** Homework Option: $12.40 OFF

By 100K youtuber: CTclockwises

Special price ends in...



no homework checking
$ 27 Can briefly ask the teacher via facebook page


homework checking service
$ 63 can always ask the teacher via our homework facebook group

Next Steps

  1. The page with the discount code will appear

2. Purchase through paypal via this website

[You can check how to use the website here if you are not familiar with the website purchase]

3. You will be able to access the course immediately in the course menu after completing the purchase.

For students who register for homework option, please contact our staff at facebook page: ctclockwises. She will invite you to the homework group.

ยินดีคืนเงิน 100%

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สามารถตรวจสอบอีเมลได้ภายใน 1 ชม นะคะ

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Further questions please contact email: [email protected] OR Facebook page: ctclockwises